17 Dead After Shooting At Florida High School (VIDEO) – UPDATE 5

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There has been a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida which has left at least 14 students injured along with an unknown number of fatalities at this time.

Just after the reports started rolling in, John Amato tweeted this:

Students are still in the classrooms as police clear the scene and tend to the injured. As you can see from the video above, many shots were fired.

The shooter, a white redheaded male wearing a crimson sweater, was taken into custody by police shortly after the shooting.

At this writing, reports say there are 14 injured and 1 dead, but the superintendent of schools told reporters there were multiple fatalities inside the school.

This will be updated as details emerge.

Update: MSNBC just updated that count to 20 injured, 1 dead.

Update 2: A student tweets during the shooting:

Update 3: Terrified students being evacuated by SWAT teams:

Update 4: CNN is reporting that 16 are dead

Update 5: Police say 17 are dead. The shooter was expelled from the school, according to police. We will update that information in a separate post shortly.

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