Joe Scarborough Still Builds Lifeboats For Republican Party

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When Trump does something totally embarrassing, Joe Scarborough shouts to the ceiling that the “Republican Party left me!”

When things calm down, Joe Scarborough makes a subtle turn and starts building lifeboats onto which he and Republicans can safely sail away.

This morning he had on Peter Baker of the New York Times, to point out that the Democratic Party doesn’t have a “next generation leader” to take over “and that’s a problem for them.”

“Do they have a message? Do they have a leader?” Joe asks.

And Peter Baker has renamed Joe Biden as “Joe Biden at age 70 something” without noting that Trump is also in his 70’s. So is Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, etc. etc.

It’s so great that the Republican Party has “a leader” and “a message”, right Joe?

How’s that working out for them? Let me know the morning after the midterms, will ya?

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