Reactions To Sean Hannity As Michael Cohen's Third Client Are Hilarious

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We have officially walked through the looking glass and are living in an episode of the TV show Lost. In an absolutely insane twist, Michael Cohen was forced to name his third client in open court and it is none other than Fox News Host Sean Hannity.

Social media and live TV went nuts. In this clip, you see live reaction as Katy Tur hands off to Ali Velshi. You can tell that everyone is basically stunned and speechless. They all want to know what sort of services he provided to Hannity. What did he FIX?

Twitter had the same questions:


I think this was happening all over the country, at the same time:

Ari, breaking it down:

We know this is coming, right?

As expected, Hannity’s radio show was a legit shit show

This is the best Monday ever.

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