Why Is Lou Dobbs Losing His Ever Fun-So-Loving Mind?

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So Lou Dobbs is seventy-two years old and has a reported $10M a year contract with Fox News to blame poor people for mooching and also defending the Republican Party, especially Donald Trump.

It’s sad, really, because like everyone else at Fox the PLAN was that at this point in time the fake Hillary investigations would be going 24/7/365 and the midterms would be a very different animal altogether.

Instead, we have this alternate reality where Trump’s campaign manager, son and namesake, personal lawyer, and yes, even bodyguard are wrapped up in a REAL investigation with REAL judges and grand juries and indictments.

No Fair!

And last night Lou Dobbs just lost it.

Interviewing a co-conspirator from Judicial Watch (fake Hillary investigation “expert” — no really, their right-wing funded chop house is still filing FOIA requests on Uranium One) Chris Farrell, Dobbs spent a full three minutes railing against the ‘leftist media’ and the judge who allowed the case against Paul Manafort to proceed.


My guess is that once Trump goes down, Dobbs will retire faster than a Wisconsin-sourced Speaker of the House.

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