Brief History Of Marijuana In America by Comedian John Fugelsang (The Point)

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Is it time to legalize marijuana? Is Van Jones right that eliminating the EPA would cost lives? Is the Tupac Shakur ‘hologram’ performance at Coachella a sign of things to come for the music industry? John Fugelsang (Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour) leads this weeks panel to discuss these issues and more with Kevin Eubanks (musician, former Tonight Show band leader), Cara Santa Maria (neuroscientist, and correspondent at The Huffington Post), and Allison Weiner (host of Media Mayhem on TheLip.TV). Special thanks to Dale Sky Jones (Executive Chancellor of Oaksterdam University, Chairwoman of Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform 2012), and Van Jones (Co-founder of, author of Green Collar Economy) for sending in points.


Watch segment 1: (Van Jones/EPA)

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